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Our farmers, ranchers and agricultural communities braved extraordinary events in 2022. And yet our more than 30,000 Farm Bureau members continued doing what they always have done—helping feed California and the world beyond, while battling to preserve America’s most critical agricultural economy and their way of life. Throughout the year, Farm Bureau continued to advocate for our farm communities, represent our members and provide them with our full range of services. These numbers tell our story for 2022.

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California Farm Bureau protects California’s diverse farming and ranching legacy and enables the whole agriculture community to thrive.

Being part of the California Farm Bureau means adding to the combined strength of a membership that includes nearly 29,000 farmers, ranchers and families throughout the agricultural community. Together, we work tirelessly to advocate and protect the future and quality of life for all California farmers and ranchers.

Join us in standing up for California’s farmers and ranchers!

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What Farm Bureau members are saying

Almond farmers not skimping on bees

Even after a bruising year of lower earnings, crop losses and soaring production costs, California almond growers may not be willing to cut corners pollinating their trees this season. That’s good news for beekeepers who rent their hives to pollinate crops and whose insects rely on blossoming almond trees as the winter’s first major source of pollen to build their colonies.

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Farmers expected to get increased water allocations

Winter storms that bolstered the Sierra Nevada snowpack and added to California reservoirs prompted federal and state water managers to announce increases in anticipated water allocations for the 2023 growing season.

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Imperfect fruits yield perfect partnerships

Fresno County farmer Bryce Loewen had a chat at a San Francisco farmers market more than a decade ago with a couple of avid home brewers intrigued with the idea of using his peaches to make beer. Recalling that conversation today, he says he couldn’t have imagined where it would lead.

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The real deal

Electrical contractors Jeff Roller and Tim Hall were eating a sushi dinner after work one night in 2010, when the conversation turned to the pungent green condiment on their plates.

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