Califormia Farm Bureau Farm PAC

About FarmPAC®

FarmPAC works tirelessly to support candidates for elected offices who promote commonsense solutions, not excessive regulations. Your donations to FarmPAC go to supporting political campaigns that are committed to supporting the farming way of life.

Why give?

FarmPAC supports rural and agriculture focused candidates but also forges relationships with urban and suburban officials to educate them on how policies impacting farmers and ranchers will affect their constituency. Representing farmers, ranchers, and growers across California, FarmPAC is the largest agricultural political committee in California.

Protect your bottom line by helping to elect decision makers who value family farms and ranches.

"FarmPAC helps elect candidates that are friendly to agriculture in Sacramento and Washington, D.C. Electing individuals who understand the struggles of farmers to afford all our inputs, who understand the needs of ranchers who are trying to make payroll – all while delivering world class agricultural products to the entire world – is crucial if we want to keep agriculture thriving in California."

-Jamie Johansson

President, California Farm Bureau

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