Farm Bureau supports voices of Indian farmers

California Farm Bureau President Jamie Johansson has released the following statement in support of Indian farmers:

“We understand the deep concern and distress from thousands of farmers in the states of Punjab and Haryana to peacefully protest recent agriculture reforms in New Delhi. The agriculture economy in India is a main source of livelihood for over 55% of India’s population and accounts for approximately 15% of their gross domestic product. As such a critical part of India’s economy and culture, these voices need to be heard just as we expect our voices would be heard here.

“California Farm Bureau represents a diverse set of all farmers in our state, including Sikh farmers, and stands with you in your efforts to protect the livelihood and nourishment of the communities around you. We remain hopeful that Indian farmers will be heard by the Indian government and can find a productive path forward that benefits India’s agriculture sector.”


The California Farm Bureau Federation works to protect family farms and ranches on behalf of nearly 32,000 members statewide and as part of a nationwide network of more than 5.5 million Farm Bureau members.

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