News Releases

June 24 - April 13 2021


Wildfire-insurance measure moves to Assembly floor

With today’s approval by the Assembly Insurance Committee, a bill to improve fire-insurance options...

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Joint release: National coalition presses for water supply infrastructure

Citing an “acute and critical need” magnified by another all-too-familiar drought, a national coalition representing...

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Farm Bureau president urges additional flexibility in conservation programs

Land that produces food and farm products also provides crucial conservation and climate benefits—and...

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Governor’s actions point to need for long-term water investment

Actions in a widened drought emergency order issued today by Gov. Gavin Newsom will provide...

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Farm Bureau: Details will determine impact of federal ‘30 x 30’ plan

Noting that climate goals outlined today by the Biden administration will have real, on-the-ground implications...

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Action by insurance commissioner will define scope of farmers’ coverage gaps

With California farmers and ranchers finding increasing difficulty in purchasing wildfire insurance for their businesses...

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