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Leadership Farm Bureau is a leadership development program sponsored by the California Farm Bureau Federation and is the one program in Farm Bureau that is specifically designed to invest in you, the Farm Bureau leader. Each program and session builds upon the previous, to provide perspective and training in the areas of personal development, human behavior, public speaking, working with the media, political advocacy, government structure, key political issues and, of course, the Farm Bureau organization and structure.

The perfect candidate for LFB is a board member of a county Farm Bureau, YF&R State Committee member or county Farm Bureau staff member who is interested in taking a larger leadership role within the organization. Perhaps you’re in line for election to the officer team, are a 1st or 2nd vice president in line for the presidency, or are a YF&R member ready to transition into mainstream involvement with Farm Bureau. Whatever the case, LFB is specifically designed with your needs, experience and future leadership in mind.

Farm Bureau will provide more than 250 hours of instruction during seven sessions. Meetings will vary according to each month’s agenda, but each session runs approximately three days.

Governmental Affairs

Activities include both a California and a Washington, D.C. lobbying session. Participants will review development and implementation of state and national policies in meetings with key legislative, administrative and regulatory officials.

Personal Development

Participants will develop and enhance their leadership skills through media training, public speaking, business etiquette, negotiation skills, time management, and team building workshops.

Agriculture Issues

A special focus is given to issues affecting farmers and ranchers in California, across the nation and on a global level. Participants will receive in-depth issues training from industry experts and will have an opportunity to travel within various regions of California for a first-hand look at the similarities and differences of agriculture across the state.