Farm Dog Contest

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2020 California Farm Bureau Federation Farm Dog Contest Rules

Deadline: October 16, 2020  (postmarked or entered online)

Am I eligible?

The contest is open to anyone who owns a farm dog and is one of the following:

  • an individual member of a county Farm Bureau in California.
  • an individual designated by an entity that is a member of such a county Farm Bureau to participate individually in the activities and benefits derived from that membership.
  • a minor child or ward of either of the above-described individuals.

Employees (and their immediate family members) of California Farm Bureau Federation (CFBF), its affiliated companies, or county Farm Bureaus may not participate.



What is the contest based on?

The contest is based on stories describing and photos depicting the farm dog’s role in working alongside California farmers and ranchers in their day-to-day operations.  Include information on how he or she enriches your life and that of your family while supporting you, the farmer or rancher, in doing your job.  List any special skills your dog has, or tricks he/she can perform as well as any non-farm-work activities enjoyed by you or your family and your dog do for fun.


How many stories may I submit?

An entrant may submit only one story with up to four accompanying photos.


What are the prizes?

  • One Grand Prize winner - $1,000
  • One First Place winner - $500
  • One Second Place winner - $250
  • One Third Place winner - $100 (Each entrant is eligible to win only one prize per contest year.)


Contest Rules

  • Story and photo submissions must highlight California farm dogs working in agriculture as described above in what the contest is based on.
  • A story must have no fewer than 250 and no more than 500 words.
  • Accompanying photos must have been taken in 2019 or 2020.
  • Photos may not have been or be entered in any other contest.
  • Photos must accurately reflect the subject matter and the scene as it appears. Photos digitally altered beyond standard optimization (e.g., overly altered or filtered) will be disqualified. Sepia-toned and black-and-white photos are acceptable.
  • A completed entry form must be attached to each story submission. Incomplete or illegible entry forms will not be accepted.
  • If applicable, the model release portion of the form must also be completed and signed by each identifiable person in the photograph; a parent or guardian must sign for a minor. Online entrants will be prompted to print the form to be signed and submitted by email, fax, or mail.
    • All photos become the property of CFBF and will not be returned.
    • CFBF may, without offering any consideration to or obtaining the further permission of its submitter, use any submitted story or photo for any purpose, such as publishing it in Ag Alert® newspaper or California Bountiful® magazine, posting it on CFBF websites or social media, reproducing it for Farm Bureau organizational use, or selling it at a county Farm Bureau auction.
    • All decisions by CFBF as to the interpretation of these rules or the judging of story submissions are in its sole discretion and final.


Printed Story and Photos (mailed)

Download Mail-In Form

  • Photos must be at least 5 x 7 inches but no larger than 8½ x 11 inches, unmatted and unframed.
  • Photos must be printed at the highest-quality printer setting and on photographic paper.
  • Turn off the date stamp option on your camera. A photo on which a date stamp or photographer’s name is visible will be disqualified.

Tips for best print quality:

  • Take digital images to a commercial photo finisher (many retail stores have photo centers) and request a print size from 5 x 7 inches to 8½ x 11 inches.
  • When printing photos on an in-home inkjet or laser printer, use “best” quality photo print setting (see your printer’s instruction manual).


Digital Story and Photos (submitted online at

  • Story submissions must be a total of 250 and no longer than 500 words.
    • All entries must have a resolution of 6 megapixels or greater. For more information, see “Image quality” below.
    • Images from mobile devices that adhere to the resolution requirement (see “Image quality” below) may be submitted; otherwise, these images should be printed and submitted as described above in Printed Story and Photos (mailed).
  • Turn off the date stamp option on your camera. Photos on which a date stamp or photographer’s name is visible will be disqualified.
  • All digital photos must be in .jpg format.
    • Images not meeting these specifications will be disqualified.


Image quality:

  • Set your camera or mobile device to the highest image-quality setting. High-resolution settings may vary depending on brand, so check the documentation that came with your device. To ensure print standards and quality, submit images as high-resolution files. If shooting in RAW, export as a high-resolution .jpg (300 dpi) via your image editing software.
  • Resolution can be calculated by multiplying the pixel width of the image by the pixel height. For example, a photograph taken with a 6-megapixel camera set for highest resolution and best quality produces images of about 2832 pixels by 2128 pixels, which are acceptable under the rules (2832 x 2128 = 6 million pixels). Digital images must be of sufficient resolution to reproduce well on the printed page.


What is the entry deadline?

Entries must be postmarked or entered online by October 16, 2020.


How do I enter?

Enter online at


Mail your story submission and printed photos with a completed entry form attached to the back:

Farm Dog Contest

California Farm Bureau Federation

2600 River Plaza Drive

Sacramento CA 95833-3377


May I request a confirmation of receipt?

If you would like confirmation of receipt of your entry, please contact

Kim Tyler at 916-561-5591or


Notification of Winners and IRS Tax Form W-9

Winners will be notified by mail, email, or phone. Each winner must complete and submit to CFBF an Internal Revenue Service Form W-9 (Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification), which will be made available to the winner before the prize is distributed.



By entering this contest, you grant California Farm Bureau Federation a royalty-free, worldwide, perpetual, non-exclusive license to use, publish, display, distribute, reproduce, edit, adapt, and create derivative works of the submitted photograph, in whole or in part, in any media now known or hereafter developed or discovered, including in use on websites, in publications and for promotional purposes, without compensation or prior notice to you or your successors or assigns, or any other person or entity. Entering a submission in this contest constitutes your irrevocable assignment, conveyance, and transference to CFBF of these rights.


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Contact Kim Tyler at 916-561-5591or