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In these unprecedented times, keeping up with daily announcements and directives from all levels of government has been all-consuming. For our Farm Bureau members and agriculturalists, we have worked to compile the latest guidance documents and regulatory changes in an easily accessible format, with the goal of quickly providing the information farmers and ranchers need so they can remain focused on the health and safety of their families and employees. 

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This is an uncertain time for all of us right now, but the California Farm Bureau and our members, representing more than 400 different types of crops grown in California, want to let all of our neighbors know your local farmers and ranchers have been proactive to adjust on-farm practices as these times may require. We have also had safety protocols in place on our farms concerning biosecurity for years, if not decades. We hope to provide our customers with the latest news and updates on what farmers, ranchers and agricultural businesses are doing to keep our food chain strong and supplied with safe, affordable food and farm products. 

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Economic Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on California Agriculture

Report on farmer survey:
Impact of COVID-19 pandemic

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