Young Farmers & Ranchers

Who Are We?

Farm Bureau Young Farmers and Ranchers are active agriculturists like you--between the ages of 18 and 35 and involved in production, banking, business, and many other areas of the industry. Young Farmers and Ranchers develop leadership skills while volunteering time as active, vital members of the county Farm Bureaus.

As a member of Young Farmers and Ranchers your voice will join those of your peers to speak out for agriculture. As you develop your skills and knowledge, your efforts will help Farm Bureau to effectively represent all farmers and ranchers.

There are many returns for your time and effort as a Young Farmers and Ranchers participant. YF&R members have the opportunity to attend seminars focusing on leadership training and professional development, gaining valuable insights into all aspects of agriculture. YF&R provides various networking opportunities for its members both in your local network and statewide, including opportunities to meet with your elected representatives and agency officials. Between professional and social activities, YF&R has an area of interested for all young agriculturalists.

California agriculture is the most diverse in the world, and as a result, public policy issues affecting our industry can be very complex. Farm Bureau needs young leaders like you to be involved in the legislative process. YF&R members are invited to attend our YF&R Conference featuring speakers and workshops focusing on agricultural issues or our Leaders Conference focusing on political advocacy on state issues.

It’s all about who you know! Whether you are participating on the county, state, or national level, there are others who share the same challenges and successes that you do. Social activities are where YF&Rs have fun and network at the same time!

Contact your local county Farm Bureau office to inquire about the status of the Young Farmers and Ranchers Committee and upcoming events. If a committee has not been appointed within your county and you are interested in getting one started, please indicate your interest to the county office.

For more information, contact the YF&R Program Coordinator at (800) 698-3276 or

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County YF&R Committee Directory (PDF)

AFBF YF&R Program (Link)

YF&R State Committee

The mission of the California Farm Bureau Federation Young Farmers & Ranchers Committee (YF&R) is to attract and empower future Farm Bureau leaders and increase interest in agriculture as a way of life.

Its purpose is to implement a program that will encourage young farmer and rancher participation, and develop future Farm Bureau leadership. The Committee consists of a Chairman and 21 district representatives, appointed by the President from nominations by the California Farm Bureau Federation Directors. They are voting members of Farm Bureau, who have not reached their 36th birthday.

Serve on the YF&R State Committee

YF&R State Committee appointments are two year terms with even numbers district representatives appointed in even years and odd numbered districts appointed in odd years, as well as any vacant seats.

2018-19 State Committee Application

Competitive Events

The Achievement Award Program is designed to recognize those Young Farmers & Ranchers who have excelled in their farming/ranching operations and honed their leadership abilities to superiority.

The contestants are evaluated on a combination of their farming operation growth and financial progress of operation, Farm Bureau leadership, as well as leadership outside of Farm Bureau. More specifically, the judges look for excellence in management, growth and scope of the enterprise and self-initiative that have been displayed throughout the operation. A contestant’s participation in Farm Bureau and other organizations is a definite point-getter from the judges.


  • First place wins $4,000 plus 250 hours use of a Kubota Tractor and a trip to the national AFBF Annual Meeting
  • Second place wins $1,000

2017 Achievement Award Application – Link

The Excellence in Agriculture Award Program is designed as an opportunity for Young Farmers & Ranchers, while actively contributing and growing through their involvement in Farm Bureau and agriculture, to earn recognition. Participants are judged on their involvement in agriculture, leadership ability, involvement and participation in Farm Bureau and other organizations.

  • First place wins $4,000 and a trip to the national AFBF Annual Meeting
  • Second place wins $1,000

2017 Excellence in Agriculture Award Application - Link
The Discussion Meet competitive event is designed to simulate a committee meeting where discussion and active participation are expected from each participant. This competition is evaluated on an exchange of ideas and information on a pre-determined topic. Participants build basic discussion skills, develop a keen understanding of important agricultural issues and explore how groups can pool knowledge to reach consensus and solve problems. Successful participants are productive thinkers rather than emotional persuaders and assist the group in creating ways to implement the solutions discussed and highlight Farm Bureau’s involvement in those actions/steps.

Open Contest Prizes 0

  • First place wins $5,000 and a trip to the national AFBF Annual Meeting
  • Second place wins $1,000
  • Third and Fourth place Finalist wins $500 each

Collegiate Contest Prizes
  • First place wins $1,250 and a trip to the national AFBF YF&R Conference
  • Second place wins $750
  • Third and Fourth place Finalist wins $500 each
  • Champion Collegiate Team wins $250

Discussion Meet Resources
The YF&R Committee of the Year awards an outstanding local YF&R Committee that excels in Committee member involvement, County Farm Bureau involvement, Farm Bureau membership, Harvest for All program participation and is active within their agricultural community.

2018 Committee of the Year Award Application (PDF)
The YF&R Member of the Year awards an outstanding YF&R member that is active within their local YF&R Committee, county Farm Bureau and agricultural community.

2018 YF&R Member of the Year Award Application (PDF)


The YF&R State Committee periodically hosts regional mixer events to provide additional networking and educational opportunities for YF&R members to connect with each other. The next regional mixer event will be hosted in Spring 2017.

The State YF&R Committee would like to invite all county YF&R Chairs to attend a County Leaders meeting on July 29-30th. This meeting is designed to focus on county leadership training, provide committee resources and the opportunity for committee members to learn from each other.


  • California Farm Bureau Federation Office – Sacramento
  • Saturday, July 29th – Meeting 8 am – 2 pm (Lunch Included)

This two-day leadership conference is attended by over 200 YF&Rs from across California and neighboring states. The conference is an opportunity to network with other YF&Rs, gain insight and ideas for building a better local YF&R program and receive updates on key issues and topics affecting the agriculture industry and young agriculturalists in California.

February 16-19, 2018 – Peppermill Resort Spa – Reno, NV

Harvest For All

The Farm Bureau Young Farmers & Ranchers Program is working with Feeding America to help feed the millions of Americans who face hunger in what we call a Harvest for All. Since Harvest for All began in 2003, Farm Bureau members have gathered nearly 65 million pounds of food, logged more than 30,000 volunteer hours and raised more than $778,000 in donations to local food banks.

Throughout the year, farmers across the nation will be donating food, funds and people power to create a hunger-free America. And whether the contribution is a bushel, a dollar, or an hour, Farm Bureau and Feeding America will be working together to finish an important job—making sure every American can enjoy the bounty produced on our farms and ranches.

In addition to work on the Harvest for All campaign, Farm Bureau and Feeding America have worked together on the CARE legislation that allows producers to take a tax deduction on donated commodities. The two groups will continue to work together on this as well as other legislation that meets both organizations' common goals and policy positions.

So, as a Young Farmer and Rancher Organization, what can you do? The Harvest for All campaign includes activities organized by state and county Farm Bureaus in connection with local Feeding America affiliates across the country.

There are four categories a YF&R group will be judged upon when competing against other states:

  • Food quantity
  • Money donated
  • Volunteer hours contributed
  • And the newest addition, most creative idea for an even or project that benefits local food banks and feeding charities.
The winning states receive bragging rights and a check from America Farm Bureau Federation to present as their own donation to a food bank of their choice. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your State Young Farmer and Rancher representative.

Learn More

Harvest for All Accomplishments

Committee Resources

California YF&R strives to provide guidance and materials for our County YF&R Committees. Whether you are looking for innovative meeting ideas, committee structure references, or program logos, these resources will provide you with new ideas and ways to enhance your local program.

California Farm Bureau Federation's Young Farmers and Ranchers Program is designed for young people who share an interest in improving themselves and agriculture. The program is designed for ages 18 - 35. The three basic purposes of the program are:
  • 1) assist young farmers and ranchers in solving problems they face
  • 2) expose young people to Farm Bureau
  • 3) develop leadership abilities in young men and women

The Young Farmers and Ranchers Program is a vital part of the Farm Bureau and structured as a committee on county, state and national levels. County Young Farmers and Ranchers develop their own program of work with assistance from the state office.

Use the following resources as a guide in developing your committee. Please contact for more information on forming a new YF&R committee.

YF&R Program Information
YF&R Committee Structure
Steps to Starting a YF&R Committee
Committee Goal Setting Guide
YF&R Member Development
Sample YF&R Interest Letter
Building & Maintaining Effective YF&R Committees
SWOT Analysis

Committee Member Responsibility

  • Identify and express the opinions of Farm Bureau producer/members.
  • Participate in committee efforts to analyze pertinent issues, and draft recommendations that reflect the
  • convictions of the committee.
  • Contribute personal opinions, insight, and advice that are relevant to committee discussions and objectives.

Who Qualifies as a YF&R Representative?
  • Between the ages of 18-35 years old.
  • Current voting Farm Bureau member.
  • Current producer of the commodity nominated to represent.
  • Available to attend a meeting in late January, February or early March and is willing to serve.
  • Possesses strong interest and knowledge of the issues facing the commodity.