Annual Meeting
Annual Meeting

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Join us in Monterey

Beautiful Monterey County, the site of the 95th Annual Meeting of the California Farm Bureau Federation, is known for the aesthetics of its alluring coastal areas. But many who visit the area may not realize that Monterey County is also the Salad Bowl of the World—the fourth-largest agricultural county in California. By itself, Monterey County produces more agricultural revenue than do 21 entire states.

Those numbers are impressive, but the greater importance comes from the economic stimulus derived from the crops grown in Monterey County, the food security enjoyed by our state and nation, and the marvelous array of fresh, nutritious products we enjoy every day.

Farmers in Monterey County and throughout California have developed and implemented new technologies and strategies for growing food, fiber, flowers and other products on their farms and ranches, while reducing inputs and environmental impacts. No area has been scrutinized more than Monterey County and the rest of the Central Coast. That makes it a fitting location for our 2013 Annual Meeting.

The theme of the meeting, as well as for the year ahead, is Growing Our Future, Valuing Our Traditions.

Agriculture has always been more than a business for those of us engaged in its pursuit; it is also a lifestyle. For a farmer or rancher today, whether part of a multi-generation operation or a first-generation one, the tradition of our agricultural heritage remains the same: hard work and perseverance in the face of adversity, be it weather, volatile markets or regulatory strife. Like our predecessors, we must look beyond our individualism to work cooperatively in a more unified manner for the betterment of our communities and of agriculture.

We must never lose sight of the fundamental traditions as we embark upon our future, growing food and farm products for an ever-increasing population of people who grow constantly further removed from agricultural production. While we know the demand for our products will grow, we also recognize that the constant focus, review and evaluation of what we do and how we do it will also continue to increase.

We hope your attendance at this year’s Annual Meeting of members will provide valuable information, stretch your understanding of issues, and present an opportunity to renew friendships as well as make new ones with other farmers and ranchers as dedicated as you are to successfully growing California’s agricultural future. If we respect the traditions of our rural heritage, we will overcome present-day challenges and grow into a bright and economically sustainable future.

I look forward to seeing you in Monterey this December.

Paul Wenger

Paul Wenger
Paul Wenger